Novaculite may help with –


  • Cord cutting
  • Getting rid of anything that is holding you back
  • Bringing buyer and seller together
  • Enhance personal magnetism
  • Enlightenment
  • Removing energy blockages from the body
  • Channelling information


Rhodizite ‘The Master Crystal’ may help with –


  • Manifestation
  • Raising the vibration of your thoughts and all the other crystals in there
  • Abundance as this is known as the ‘Master Crystal’ and will bring into reality what you think about the most!
  • Increasing will power
  • Relieving pain and removes acid from the body by restoring PH balance
  • Anxiety, depression and stress and will lift you emotionally
  • Unblocking all chakras


Tektite may help with –


  • Raising vibrational frequency
  • Strengthening your aura
  • Connection to the high realms
  • Expanding your consciousness
  • Improving psychic powers
  • Balancing your energy levels
  • Clear thinking and decision making
  • Stability and strength
  • Clearing blockages in lower chakras
  • Depression
  • Protects against negative energy of all kinds


Elite Shungite may help with –


  • EMF protection ( Shields from electromagnetic frequency’s)
  • Grounding
  • Strengthens the aura
  • Healing on all levels mental, emotional, Physical, and spiritual


Magnetite may help with-


  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Stability strength and grounding
  • Releasing anger
  • Breathing issues

# Novaculite, Cord Cutting, Removing Energy Blockages, Enlightenment !

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